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What is the difference between the ranges?

The ORIGINAL range is suitable for all skin types.
The EXCLUSIVE range is more recommended for dark complexions.
The EXCLUSIVE VITAMIN C range has an additional peeling / exfoliating effect.
The GOLD range is suitable for chocolate / caramel complexions
THE SO WHITE range is suitable for lighter complexions, and allows better hydration.
The SO CARROT range has less lightening active ingredients and allows for a brighter complexion thanks
to carrot extract with a glowing effect.
The GLUTATHION range is also suitable for lighter complexions.
The PAPAYA range "So Fruity Papaya" products contain papaya extract recognized for its antioxidant and
radiance revealing properties

How fast can I expect to see results?

Results will depend on your beauty routine and skin type. It usually takes a minimum of 28 days before
you can see an improvement.

Does all F&W products are brightening?

No, in order to offer a complete beauty routine, F&W also offer hygiene products (soaps, shower gels,
purifying lotions, roll-on…) and complementary products (exfoliation, moisturizing care products…)

What is the most brightening range?

F&W offer brightening skin care products in each range. The brightening effect will be different for each
skin types. There is no range better than another. The skin care routine will also have an impact on the
result you want to achieve.

Can I mix F&W Paris products?

We don't recommend mixing F&W products because it may loose effectiveness.

What is the difference between the body lotion and the Maxi Tone?

The Maxi Tone lotion has a richer texture and a more targeted action.

Can I use F&W products during pregnancy?

No, we don’t recommend using F&W brightening products during pregnancy or while nursing. If you still
want to use them during pregnancy or while nursing, we strongly recommend consulting a doctor.

I can’t access to my account?

If you have forgot your password, please select “Forgot your password?” and follow the steps to reset
the password. Please note the new password has to comply with instructions showed on the screen.

I would like to distribute F&W Paris products. What is the procedure?

We invite you to register on FOR TRADE ONLY for F&W reseller account. A member from our sales team
will get in touch with you for terms and conditions.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Cash On Delivery.

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